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NOTE: Please scroll down to read the full details about the build-your-own bundles.


Our build-your-own bundles include the following:

1 Pair of Compression sock

1 Badge

1 Headband

1 Pair of Medical Scissors

1 Pack of Novelty Pens

1 Stethoscope Case

Your choice of 1 Trap-sak or Piece-pak


IMPORTANT: Please complete the customizations field(s) for your choices. 


Which pair of compression socks would you like, and which size (S/M or L/XL)?

Which badge reel would you like?

Which headband would you like?

Which pair of medical scissors would you like?

Which pack of novelty pens would you like?

Which color of the stethoscope case? 

Do you want a piece-pak or trap-sak? Which color? 

Build-Your-Own Bundle (Non-Custom)

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